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Investment Funds

Closed-end funds are investment funds that raise investor capital through initial public offerings. After the initial raise, closed-end funds are typically closed to additional investment. As with "open-end" mutual funds, closed-end funds can provide investors with exposure to a variety of investment strategies. However, closed-end funds are generally not subject to concentration, liquidity, leverage and other regulatory restrictions imposed on open-end funds. As a result, closed-end funds can provide investors with exposures not otherwise available through traditional mutual funds. The securities of closed-end funds (usually shares or trust units) are typically listed for trading on a public stock exchange.

Name Ticker Inception Date

Press release announcing the Fund Reorganizations
Press release announcing Unitholder Approval of Reorganization Proposals and Final Distributions
Notice of Meeting
Notice and access Document
Conversion and Merger Information Circular
Forms of Proxy
Press release announcing Completion of Fund Reorganizations and Prospectus Filings
Investment Funds Automatic Conversion Notice - DoubleLine and Pinebridge

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